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About us


Since the birth of her own son, Benjamin, founder Ellisson Ruperti has collected a large collection of ‘mom life’ essentials. And what she could not find, she had made to her own design. First for themselves, later also for other mothers. Because soon she discovered that she is not the only one who finds comfort and quality at least as important as a stylish design or attractive package.

Her own shoe tick was taken over by her son at a young age. This shared passion is the great force behind her own B E L L E  1983 shoe line. And one thing from the start is very important: the wearing comfort and the quality have to be just as good as the design. All fabrics and leathers are therefore carefully selected by herself.  In addition to classics for the smallest,  Ellisson now also designs shoes for the slightly older kids.

Meanwhile, Benjamin is no longer a baby. Every growth requires other essentials. Every phase of his life is a new adventure. Also for his mother. Ellisson is therefore always looking for the ultimate essentials that suit her ever-changing, daily mom life.  And with that, the collection of  B E L L E  1983 is not yet grown ou of it.