Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief.


For almost a month B E L L E  1983 has opened her doors so it’s about time for my first blog!

In addition to composing and creating the collection, you will find here my blog about everything I like and what I find beautiful; the beauty of organics, timeless mode, lifestyle, kids, the great adventure called mom-life … and many more!

Behind B E L L E 1983 is Ellisson, 33 years old and my great advisor Benjamin, my son who is 4 years 😉 Together we live in the Netherlands. In addition to motherhood I love ballet, being surrounded by nature, creativity, good food, relaxing  together with loved ones, love to travel and breathe in new inspiration!

Previously, I worked as a volunteer in Nigeria and Ghana. In Ghana I worked at a school and home for deaf children. Besides nursing and teaching I did a project of providing people of the village malaria nets and the important information about the use of them.

With a culture shock I entered Africa and being esatblished in a very short periode, I returned back with a cukture shock into the Netherlands. Back here I changed course and began to work as a flight attendant. With no children and the opportunity lying in front of me… I chased one of my childhood dreams… Going on a adventure has always been part of me!

How did B E L L E 1983 originate?

B E L L E 1983 is created after the birth of my son. By breaking my tailbone with complications during the birth of Benjamin, I had to stop flying, this was physically too heavy. After a break from recovery, I started this year (2017) with passion and of course some bumps on the way a new big adventure called B E L L E  1983.

With a selection of items that are pure, contemporary and unique, I would like to get others get acquinted!


With love,